Andrew Assarattanakul

A little about me...

I have been programming professionally for about 22 years (17 years after college) and my current position is Senior Developer at Bendyworks.

Interested in what I'm currently working on? They can be found in the Projects section in LinkedIn.


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Before my professional career

I started programming since I was 7 in second grade learning Logo in class.

Middle school I started to play around with building my own website using Notepad. And on the side I started to learn C from a book that a friend lent to me.

High school was where I started more formal programming learning Chipmunk Basic, C++, Java, Pascal and Visual Basic. While on the side I was playing with websites using JavaScript and Dynamic HTML (DHTML).

Then moving onto College at University of Wisconsin - Platteville to get my degree in Computer Science with Emphasis in Computer Technology where I also worked as a Web Developer for the University.